About the DVD

Purchase a DVD copy of the documentary film Bill Evans Time Remembered from this website. The DVD is a standard non-encoded DVD (Region 0) that should work on all NTSC and PAL DVD players. If you experience a problem, you can return the DVD for a 100% refund. The DVD includes the complete film and three bonus clips with four available sub-titles: English, Spanish, French and Japanese for all four videos contained on the DVD.

Shipping and Discounts

Shipping is free regardless of location worldwide. You can also enter the following discount codes: Discount code two = 3% off if you order 2 DVD's; discount code three = 5% off if you order 3 DVD's; discount code four = 8% off if you order 4 DVD's and discount code five = 12% off if you order 5 DVD's.

Unable to Pay Online

If you cannot make a payment online, you can send twenty ($ 20.00) U.S. Dollars to Bruce Spiegel, 121 Plantation Trace Drive, Duluth, GA 30096. Please make sure to include your complete mailing address. Checks or Money Orders should be payable to Bruce Spiegel.

Gift Shipment

If you want to send your order to someone else as a gift, then check the box marked: Send this cart as a gift:

Additional Charges

Please note that many countries may impose a duty tax such as a Value Added Tax (VAT) when you take delivery of the DVD from a country outside of the United States. Click Here for more information. 

Educational Distribution

Educational institutions such as libraries can obtain licenses and screenings of the film through Alexander Street. For more information, call 703-212-8520 or email: ATraubner@alexanderstreet.com.

Purchase Digital File

You can purchase a digital version (MP4) of the film through Reelhouse.

Special Request

A free DVD is available upon request for distributors, writers and other promotional individuals. Submit a request and send your complete mailing address to: mevanscpa@gmail.com. Wholesale discounts are also available for re-sellers (such as jazz record stores). Send an email to Matt Evans: mevanscpa@gmail.com for special discounts. DVD returns can be sent to: Matt Evans, 7000 Western Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815.